August 20, 2014: The event is fully booked and any reservations will be placed on the waiting list. However, there's still space for daytrippers coming for Saturday only (the daytripper fee includes lunch and feast).

Autumn Crown Tourney Reservation Form

Fill in the form separately for each participant, also children. Mandatory information is marked with bold text.

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We will only use the address to contact you about the event and it will not be displayed in public.
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Minors: unaccompanied or with somebody, whom? 1


member (46 eur)
non-member (49 eur)
child 6-15 years (30 eur)
child under 6 years (15 eur)

Daytripper (16 eur)
Daytripper, 6-15 years (11 eur)
Daytripper, under 6 years (0 eur)
Accommodation options Early birds' accommodation
Night owl accommodation
Family accommodation
Anything goes
I wish to share room with  
Unfortunately I find it difficult/cannot get into an upper bunk, I need a bottom bunk


Dietary requirements Vegetarians
I do not eat red meat, but chicken and fish are ok
I do not eat any type of meat, but fish is ok
I do not eat meat nor fish (strictly lacto-ovo-vegetarian)
Unfortunately we cannot produce wholesome food for vegans.


If you have severe or complicated allergies, we may not be able to cook for you. In that case you will be contacted by event staff for arrangements and reimbursements.


I'll need pickup on Friday from
Must be booked by September 17
Turku airport (10 EUR)
Salo bus station (10 EUR)
Travel details  
I'll need dropoff on Sunday to
Must be booked by September 17
Turku airport (10 EUR)
Salo bus station (10 EUR)
Travel details  


Arts and Sciences  I'll participate in the Arts and Sciences display
 I'll participate in the Arts and Sciences competition
NB. We will only use this information to estimate how much space the competition needs. To compete, you'll have to send in advance a letter of intent to the kingdom MoAS, see
I would like to sell items at the event Details: 
Additional information
 I give my permission to publish my SCA name and group on the online reservation list

  I have read the Event announcement and accept the restrictions imposed by it, including the cancellation policy.

Note 1:Unaccompanied minors aged 15-17 must bring legal guardian's written permission to attend the event. Minors under 15 attending without their legal guardian must have legal guardian's written permission and a responsible adult (aged 25 or older) designated by the legal guardian. Forms are available from the autocrat.
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