Event announcement

The Canton of Poukka welcomes you to celebrate the Coronation of our new King and Queen.
You will have four days to enjoy fighting, arts, eating and all the other nice things. Welcome!

Site: The site is the traditional Cudgel War event site: Kavalahti camping centre, Inkoo, Finland (site address is: Björnvikintie 109, 10230 Inkoon as.) about 60 km from Helsinki. The site opens at 17.00 on Thursday and closes at 14.00 on Sunday. Participants are encouraged to bring tents, as indoor crashspace is limited. There are 50 beds and additional crashspace for some 20 people. In total the event can serve 140 participants.

Cost: Site fee, 4 days: EUR 22
Site fee, 3 days: EUR 17
SCA/SKA-members get a EUR 3 discount from the Site fee.
Indoor sleeping: EUR 3 per night
Meal package, 4 days: EUR 18
Meal package, 3 days: EUR 12
Saturday Feast: EUR 12

All-inclusive package with indoor sleeping for four days is EUR 58 for SCA members, and EUR 44 for the three-day package.

Children's rates: 0-3 years, no cost. 4-12 years pay 50% of the price and over 12 years pay the whole price.

Reservations and cancellations: Registration is done through the electronic form on our webpage. Reservations must be done by the 3 of June. Any cancelations made after that date cannot be reimbursed.

Late fee:Payments and reservations made after the 3 of June will incur EUR 10 late fee. Those with easy access to Euro transfers will be expected to pay in advance to avoid a late fee (see payment instructions). Guests from outside the Eurozone can pay (in euros) at the site with no additional cost.

Please contact the Event Steward for pick-ups from the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) as early as possible. We will try to find rides with the local participants or coordinate groups of travelers to share rental cars.

Event Steward
Lord Fearghas mac Ebhearard (Jani Koskenhely)
Runeberginkatu 22 A 7, 48200 Kotka, Finland
Phone: +358 41 463 2556
email: coronation@poukka.org

Assisting Steward
Lady Magdalen Yrjänäntytär

Head cook
Lady Kaukameeli

Lord Mikael Rantzow

Baron Vilhelm